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Cute ways to incorporate your pet into the wedding!

by Caitlin Moore

It’s National Pet Month, so what better time to share some ridiculously cute ideas of how you can incorporate your gorgeous pet into your wedding day!

Of course – inviting your beloved pet to the big day isn’t for everyone, and you may not have the option to if your venue isn’t pet-friendly, but what’s the harm in looking through some cute Animals at wedding pictures anyways?

Dog of honour!

pets at weddings

Credit: Donegal Woman

This is such a cute way to let your four-legged baby be a HUGE part of your big day! The dog of honour role is crucial! Best suited to well-behaved pooches… obviously. You can get a similar ‘Dog of Honour’ collar right here.

Ring bearer dog!

If you have a really well-behaved dog who’s good at bringing you things, then this could be the role for them! You can either give them a little basket, or a dog ring pillow!

WARNING: Underqualified dogs may eat rings – is there anything quite as romantic as hunting through your dog’s poo for your wedding rings?

Puppies instead of bouquets!

puppies at wedding

Who cares about flowers anyways? Ok, this one might be a little bit OTT, but if you don’t have a pooch of your own and want to incorporate pets into your wedding, why not just hire a bunch of puppies instead of flowers for the Bridesmaids?

Cat Bouquet toss!

Credit: Bryan Aulick

Kidding, obviously! But this photoshopped photo by Brian Aulick shows a hilarious way to swap out the bouquet toss for a cat toss instead – cue lots of scratched bridesmaids!

Bride and Groom rabbits!

Credit: brightsidefilms.com

Spring is the perfect time to involve your furry rabbit into the wedding! We love how this pair perfectly matches the Bride and Groom.

Llama wedding greeters!

llama at wedding

If you have a pet llama then apart from being a seriously cool person, you could also have them as wedding greeters! If you don’t have a pet llama, don’t worry, you can actually hire llamas and alpacas for your big day from nidderdalellamas.org! These would certainly make for an entertaining day!

Sign holder dog!

What cuter way to announce the arrival of the Bride? Get your pooch, if they’re comfortable with it, to walk down the aisle first with either a handmade sign or you can get them here!

Some things to think about!

If you really do want your pet to be a part of your special day make sure to have a long hard think about the venue, how long of a day your pet is going to be having, your pets personality, behaviour, fears etc. Also make sure to let all your guests know in advance, in case anyone has a fear of that particular animal!

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