by Lottie

If you’re anything like me, you CAN’T STOP looking for wedding decorations!

Take a look at our favourites we’ve found from Etsy this week…

Mirror decals

How beautiful do these mirror decals look? I especially love the middle one to put in the guest bathrooms!

And what a fab idea for a seating plan – you get to keep the mirror after too!

Gin favours

Gin has made a HUGE comeback this year. So what better way to get your guests in a good mood than these little favours? They look great and taste great!

Social Media signs

No matter what your opinions on using social media at a wedding – there’s a sign for it!

Get all your photos together with a wedding hashtag, or politely request that photos are kept under wraps until the evening.

Finishing touches

I went to a wedding recently that had these fab bathroom boxes for guests. It was a great way to freshen up after celebrating all day.

And how adorable is that tissue crate for your happy tears?

Order of the day

These personalised pallets would work perfectly for those with a rustic theme.

They really add character to a venue and keep your guests well informed!

Quirky backdrops

It seems recently that photo-booths are going out of fashion and quirky backdrops like this have taken their place.

Not only do they look amazing – they’re so affordable for Brides on a budget!

Remember section

This sign brought a tear to our eye.

Just simply add some candles and a photograph to still have that special person be part of your day.

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