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Invitation to a Real Wedding – TOM & JESS

by John

Tom and Jess’ wedding instantly caught our eye in our group. With bold colours, cute little touches and quirky decor, this couple have completely stolen our hearts. Take a look at their day…

How did he ask?

Tom and I met in September 2011- our second year of University. Then in July 2016, we went off to explore Asia, beginning in Bangkok, then on to Cambodia and Vietnam. We headed back to our beach hut after some amazing food, overlooking the pier. Whilst on the balcony, Tom got down onto one knee. I don’t remember the words that came out of his mouth and he says he’s too embarrassed to tell me again. I do know that they were the sweetest words he’s ever said to me.

Tell us about the ceremony?

We had our ceremony at a church in our local area. We knew that our grandparents would have loved having the ceremony in a church so we mixed this traditional part with our idea of the perfect reception venue.  Amazingly, the sun was shining, even after a huge downpour for the entire day before.  I was honestly terrified for the ceremony, walking down the aisle and speaking in front of so many people I loved. But this truly was one of the most memorable parts for Tom and I. My brother read Corinthians verse 13 , a beautifully worded bible reading relating to love. My 11-year-old cousin then wrote and presented a special reading.  I could not stress more how heart felt and personalised his reading was for us and by him. It made everyone in the church tear up.

Your reception venue looked amazing – can you tell us more?

Our reception location was in my mum’s field. In a three-giant-hat tipi (from Elite tents), we had portable loo’s, a selfie tent and an inflatable helta skelta and bouncy castle. We chose to have a fire pit, a dance area and a bar area! Some fantastic festival style flags, courtesy of my mum, really helped set the scene. We also had 17 bell tents which our guests stay in.


What about entertainment and food?

We then had a BBQ of chicken skewers, sausage, burgers, breads and salads served to the tables on wooden boards. We went with a company called Fine Foods Matter. Later, during the day we had our local deliver some Fish & Chips (I think this was the highlight for a lot of people!) We had a custom cheesecake (from The Cheese Shed)
And finally an amazing wedding cake (from Elite cakes) that tasted of strawberry & champagne, chocolate fudge and baileys, and Jack Daniels and fudge- INCREDIBLE!
For entertainment we had an amazing  7-piece band play- The Super Rollers. They were incredible and had everyone up dancing!

Who were your bridesmaids and how did you ask them?

I choose my 3 cousins (one also as my maid of honour), Tom’s sister and my best friend from home who has always been there for me. The memories you make are forever and my bridesmaids have been such a huge part of my life and always will be. They were so supportive and perfect on the day. My best friend and maid of honour just went above and beyond and I really couldn’t ask for anymore from them. I asked my bridesmaids with a little bracelet I brought from Etsy – they all said yes!

Tom knew immediately who his best man was going to be (Huw- right hand man throughout uni), there was no question here and casually asked him on a night out. We then had our godson and my two younger cousins as page boys.

How did you know your dress was the one?

It took so long for me to find a dress. I tried short & puffy, long tight lace, 2 pieces, the list goes on. I initially saw my dress online and knew that I NEEDED to try it on! I remember going to the shop with my mum and I was expecting a huge “WOW” moment but this didn’t happen for me. But…IT HAD POCKETS and I really did love it!

To top off my dress, I brought some open toe, gold Minelli heels from Paris. And for accessories, I had my mum’s choker from when she was younger as an extra little touch, a bracelet I personalised to match the ones I had brought my bridal party, my mum’s earrings and a necklace that I wore as a bracelet given to me by my husband-to-be.

Which part of the day really stands out for you?

It suddenly hit me when I was about to walk into the church “I’m actually about to do this… I’m about to marry the person I adore most in the world”. Tom’s most memorable moment was watching me turn to walk down the aisle towards him. He says “I will never forget that moment, it will stick with me forever”.

I remember taking a step back and seeing my auntie and uncle pushing around the pram of my godson, I remember having a teary cuddle with my maid of honour and telling each other how much we truly adore each other and I remember watching one of my page boys dance to the songs he requested with all his heart and soul.

Any advice to future brides/grooms-to-be? 

Our advice, do it for you! You will absolutely never please everyone and it will begin to become something that you two did not want. We tried so hard to please as many people where possible and realistically, it made no difference on the day but caused a lot of unnecessary stress beforehand.

What do you wish you knew before tying the knot?

I wish we had known just truly how fast the day would fly by. We tried to take time to reflect together but we really couldn’t as we were being pulled here and there for the whole day. Our photographer (Kieran Foley) got us to take pictures coming down the helter skelter and this really was a great time we shared together.

We also wish we had known not to expect a huge change. We really thought that after we were married, life would change in some way, but it doesn’t really. Life goes on but now we get to reflect on the day and how much we truly love each other.

We are SO jealous of all the guests who got to go to this wedding! Congratulations Tom & Jess!

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