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Honeymoon Swimwear for Curvy Brides

by Caitlin
simply beach swimwear for curvy brides

For your wedding day, you want to look your best and you choose a dress that makes you feel beautiful. But why should that end on your wedding day?


Here at Simply Beach we believe you should feel great in what you’re wearing for the whole wedding experience, and that includes your honeymoon.

If you’re anything like us, your honeymoon will involve relaxing on a beach, cocktail in hand. Naturally, this means it’s a great opportunity to treat yourself to new swimwear for this special trip, but shopping for swimwear can be a daunting task for some. All the different styles and shapes can seem like a minefield, especially when trying to find something to make you feel confident and comfortable. However, the only thing you really need to know is the best silhouettes for your shape, so you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you’ll look great lounging in the sun with your perfect new pieces to flaunt and enhance your body.

For curvy brides there are so many different bikini and swimsuit styles to flatter your figure, it’s all about finding your shape and choosing the perfect swimwear for it. If you have fuller hips and bust but a smaller waist, (the quintessential hourglass) then opt for retro styles, high waisted bikinis, halter tops and waist detail. This swimwear will accentuate your shapely figure. For brides with equal shoulder and hip widths and a wider waist; wrap detail swimsuits and waist-cinching bikini bottoms are ideal if you’re looking to create more waist definition. For ladies with a classic pear silhouette, (wider hips and a smaller bust) try eye-catching tops that highlight the bust area and brief style bottoms if you want to balance out your proportions. Finally, if you have a larger bust with small hips then look for cup sized swimwear that supports your bust and enhances your ‘strawberry’ figure.

Whatever you decide to wear on your honeymoon, whether that be a bikini, a swimsuit, or a chic kaftan, just be sure to choose something that makes you feel confident, comfortable and happy.

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