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Keep The Guests Entertained All Day

by Caitlin

 It’s the best day of your life… but, sorry to break it to you, weddings can be a long boring day for guests! 

We have put together some of our favourite ways to keep the guests entertained at the wedding, without hiring out anything lavish and expensive! 

Wedding Speech Bingo

The perfect game to keep the guest entertained throughout the speeches. This would be a really fun twist to add in. It comes with 10 different cards, simply check off each phrase as you hear it, and the first to get all the phrases on their card wins! 

Get them HERE

Wedding Sparklers 

One of my favourite parts of a wedding is always the sparklers at the end of the night. They’re such a cheap addition to the wedding that really adds an amazing touch. To make the sparklers more appealing you can get these gorgeous ‘Let Love Sparkle’ personalised tags to add to them.

Get them HERE

Kids Activity Packs

The kids are even more likely to get bored on a long wedding day. These personalised kids activity packs are a perfect keepsake for them, that will definitely keep them entertained while everyone is eating! 

Get them HERE

Activity Placemats 

Such a fab idea for during the wedding breakfast. This placemat has loads of fun questions and activities for the guests to do while they wait for the food. You can then collect them all in and read them after the wedding together.

Get them HERE

Kids Activity Table Mats

Why not give the kids an entire table to mess around on? These activity mats would be ideal to keep them entertained for a couple of hours and let the adults have some peace.

Get them HERE

Giant Photo Props

Start the evening of the wedding off with some giant photo props to keep the guests entertained throughout the night. You’ll get some fab photos to add the album and the guests will be happy to get their insta-worthy snaps too. 

Get them HERE

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