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Should mobile phones be used at weddings?

by Your Wedding Hub

We’re all guilty of whipping our phones out to snap pics of food, gifts and outfits. However, one photographer has sparked an online debate about whether or not mobile phones should be used at weddings…

Photographer Hannah Stanley (Hannah Way Photography) sparked an online debate after one of her shots of the bride walking down the aisle was ruined by a guest snapping a shot on her iPhone. 

Taking to Facebook in a heated rant, Hannah questioned what the point was of the guest taking the picture in the first place.

As per with any debate, Facebook users chimed in with their views on the topic. The wedding photographers amongst the commenters felt exactly the same as Hannah. After all, it is their job to get the best shots at the wedding.

However, others were not as against phone usage at weddings with some even calling out the professionalism of the photographer for sharing the post in the first place. Yikes!

 The question still stands: Is it basic etiquette to put your phones away at a wedding or should the guests be able to get them out to take some special snaps? 

This is clearly an issue wedding photographers have faced many, many times before.

Ditching mobiles and social media for the day has become a new trend as couples opt for tech-free wedding ceremonies, titled ‘unplugged’ weddings.

How do you all feel about having an ‘unplugged’ wedding ceremony? Should phones be tucked away for the big day? 


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