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Pyjamas For The Night Before The BIG Day!

Hands up, who wants to see a gorgeous selection of pyjamas that can be worn the night before the big day?

The night before the wedding is always going to be a daunting time, but, if you’ve got all of your girls with you – it will no doubt be one of the most exciting experiences of your life!

We’ve put together a selection of our favourite pyjamas for both the brides and bridesmaids that are fab for the night before the big day!

The best part of all is they’re totally budget friendly too… Take a look!

Team Bride PJ sets!

How gorgeous would you and you and your crew look in these short and t-shirt sets?

We can’t believe they’re only £10 each too!

Grab the 1st Team Bride Set here & the Rhinestone PJ set here!

Glittery Sleep Tees

These sleep tees look SUPER cosy!

We love the added glitter too – because you and your girls deserve to sparkle the night before the big day and always…

They are ONLY £5 each! What a bargain!

Find ‘The Bride’ sleep tee here & the ‘Team Bride’ tee here!

Bride Tribe Pyjama’s

We love these Bride Tribe Pyjama’s – how cute is their design?

We found them for £8 here.

‘I Do’ Pyjama set!

We love these ‘I Do’ PJ sets – even better they come with matching dressing gowns and slippers! They also come in bright pink!

Get the I do PJ Set (£8) here

Get the I Do dressing gown (£8) here

Get the I Do slippers (£5) here

Bride, Team Bride and Mother of the Bride dressing gowns!

We think these dressing gowns are SO elegant and a perfect addition to your PJ set.

They would also be lovely to wear when you’re getting ready on the big day!

They are all £12 each. 

Get the ‘Bride’ dressing gown here

Get the ‘Team Bride’ dressing gown here.

Get the ‘Mother of the Bride’ dressing gown here

Find out how you can stay calm the night before the wedding here.

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