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SURPRISE! Couple doubles up celebrations at their daughter’s christening by getting married!

by Your Wedding Hub

We LOVE this story – this couple surprised their daughter’s christening attendees by getting married as well! 

Laura Djamalis and Danny Roberts had been secretely planning their wedding without anyone knowing. How amazing is that? 

Out of a total of 70 guests only FIVE people knew of their wedding plans – Danny’s uncle Paul, Laura’s sister Nichola and her partner, Luke and Laura’s parents Mike and Pat. 

Credit: MEN Media


The surprise wedding came after their daughter, Winter, had been christened. Laura snuck out of Our Lady and St Joseph’s Parish in Rochdale, put on a veil, and reentered to ‘Here Comes The Bride’.

All the guests were completely shocked, but they clapped, cried and cheered when they realised what was happening as Laura’s dad proudly walked her down the aisle. 

Laura said, in an interview with Metro, “It was really hard to keep it a secret. I’m the worst secret keeper in the world. But no one suspected a thing!”

The happy couple has been engaged for two years but only decided to get married SIX weeks before the christening. Kudos to them for managing to arrange is so quickly! 

However, the church was pleased to accomodate them and everything was organised in a few weeks.


Credit: MEN Media


Laura made a hasty change after Winter’s christening and grabbed a bouquet that had a picture of her grandma and grandpa attached to it. 

They were keen to make sure that Winter was still the focus of the day. Laura said: “We didn’t want Winter to be the add-on, we wanted to be the add-on.

“We wanted to make a quick gesture of our love and commitment. I’m so happy to marry Danny, he’s my best friend. We pulled it off!” SO cute!

Congratulations to Laura and Danny – what a fantastic story! Would any of you consider doubling up the celebrations?

As told to Metro, original story here

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