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Help a great cause by giving this charity your old wedding dresses…

by Your Wedding Hub

When we saw their post on Facebook, we knew we had to help out! The Ava Marie Foundation is appealing for your old wedding, bridesmaid and prom gowns to turn them into ‘angel gowns’ so that every child leaves the world fully clothed. 

Daniel Thomas and Georgina Willis were told at their 12-week scan for their baby, Ava-Marie, that she would be unlikely to live more than a few hours after her birth. 

Ava-Marie had developed a rare condition called Exencephaly which means that the babies brain is located outside of the skull. 

Against all odds, their beautiful daughter survived until 11 days after she was born but unfortunately passed away in her mothers arms on July 22 2018. 

Since then, her parents have worked tirelessly to help other families during their most difficult times after their babies passing. 

Daniel, Ava-Marie’s daddy, said: “We decided we didn’t want her death to be in vain nor did we want other parents not to have every opportunity to make memories with their regardless of diagnosis or death.

“We wanted to put our sorrow and grief into something positive with the charity. It’s helping us to grieve by knowing we’re helping other people grieving too.”

The Ava Marie Foundation was officially registered as a charity in June 2019 and provides memory boxes and support to bereaved parents throughout the UK who have lost a child through neonatal death, stillbirth, miscarriage, or medical termination. 

For their current campaign they are collecting old wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses that are no longer of use and will make them into ‘angel gowns’. Isn’t this the loveliest idea? 

If you have any unwanted or pre-loved dresses, you can contact the Ava Marie Foundation via their Facebook page and website.




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