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This woman married her DOG after giving up on men!

by Lucy Hope

We’ve all had our share of bad relationships, but have you ever considered marrying your pet as an alternative? Well, that’s exactly what this woman did after giving up on men altogether! 

Elizabeth Hoad declared on This Morning, that she no longer needed a man in her life and only wanted to spend the rest of her life with her dog, Logan. 

While viewers were convinced that was all she had to say, they were in for an even bigger surprise at the end of the show when Elizabeth actually married her dog. We aren’t quite sure how to respond to this either!

Former Love Island star, Kim Cetiney acted as Logan’s best man while presenter, Alison Hammond officiated. 

Elizabeth had host of the show, Eammon Holmes walking her down the aisle. 

Credit: ITV

There were more dog themed twists to come as the vows were also dog-related. 

Alison was struggling to hold back laughter as she read out the vows: “If any persons here present has a bone of contention, as to why they may not be joined together, I will paws to let them speak, bark, now or forever hold their peace.” 

It’s fair to viewers were left quite shocked by the ceremony as some took to twitter to question if what they’d just seen was real. 

We know it’s hard to believe, but there is actually video evidence to prove this happened:


So is it real or fake? We are a little bit baffled! Would you marry your dog?

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