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What You Need To Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

by Kloe Forster

If you’re going wedding dress shopping soon, here’s what you need to know BEFORE you go…

Shopping for your wedding dress should be one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding planning… after all this is the moment you’ve probably been daydreaming about ever since you were teeny!

You might think you’ll find ‘the one’ straight away – but more often than not it can take you a lot longer than you first anticipated.

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Get ready to talk…

Once you’ve booked an appointment for a bridal boutique be prepared to answer LOTS of questions about your big day! The staff will be doing their best to find you a dress that’s perfect so they’ll need to know quite a few things.

I even got asked what my eye colour was from a boutique owner… so be prepared for anything!

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Keep an open mind

Remember to keep an open mind – it’s always nice to have an idea of the styles you like before you go into the shop obviously… but remember to listen to the staff, as they really will know what dress styles will suit your shape the best and keep you looking gorgeous on your big day!


Make sure you have PLENTY of time!

You’re probably likely to try on at least 10 dresses at your first appointment – so make sure you’ve got plenty of time, as there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed and getting stressed out!

You need to feel nice and calm with a clear mind.

It might be worth making sure you choose a decent time of day for trying on – for instance make sure you don’t go straight after food, as you’ll probably feel too bloated and uncomfortable to enjoy the experience.

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Wear the right underwear

We can’t stress this enough! Make sure you wear nude or white underwear – and if you can keep it similar to what you’ll be wearing on the big day – even better.

If you know you’re after a strapless or backless dress make sure you choose a bra that’s going to work with the dress.

We appreciate that you might feel a little bit self conscious standing in front of a total stranger in your underwear, but quite honestly, there’s probably nothing the staff haven’t seen before!

You might be a little bit surprised at how many people it can take to help get you into your dresses too – but it’s sometimes a case of the more the merrier when it comes to awkward fastenings and HUGE tulle skirts!


Don’t take an entourage

For your initial trying on sessions, it’s probably best to take one person who knows you well and you know will provide constructive criticism if you need it!

You really don’t want to take a huge crowd of people with you – as the amount of opinions you’ll get might impact your own judgement – don’t forget this day is about YOU and your other half.


Take some shoes…

Make sure you take a pair of shoes with a similar heel to what you’ll be wearing on the big day.

This will give you an idea of how much your dress needs altering so it’s perfect on the big day.

You need to keep trip hazards to a minimum – and ensuring your dress is the right length will help.

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Do your research…

Check the shop you’re visiting stocks the kind of dresses you want before you get there.

Research which wedding dress designers you like, check who stocks their dresses, then get yourself all booked in for as much trying on as possible!


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