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This Couple Remarried After 12 Years As Husband With Dementia Forgot First Wedding…

Wedding stories often make us shed a few tears, but this one had us all SOBBING. It is a beautiful and touching story and we had to share it with you all…

Bill Duncan, 71, has dementia and forgot that he’d married his wife, Anne Duncan, 69 in 2007. 

Bill was convinced that Anne was his new girlfriend and after attending another family members wedding earlier in the month, he had said to Anne that “he wanted to be with her forever”.

Credit: SWNS

Anne has been caring full time for him for the last nine years and he struggles to talk, so she was stunned when he popped the question!

She was sure he would forget asking but Bill kept asking when they would be walking down the aisle. 

Anne said: “I had some friends coming over on the weekend and thought that would be a perfect time to have our second wedding, if Bill still wanted to by then.

“Every day, he asked me about our wedding, and finally on 17 August, I walked down the aisle with my wonderful Husband, 12 years after our first wedding.” 

Credit: SWNS

They held the ceremony in their Home’s Back Garden in Aberdeen.

Anne’s daughter convinced her to get a wedding dress for the big day and her friends helped with decorating the garden and making the cake. 

We are so thrilled for Bill and Anne, this is an incredible story and we wish them all the best.

Credit: SWNS



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