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This Couple Watched As Their £450 Wedding Cake Fell To The Floor

by Lucy Hope

One of the worst nightmares for any Bride and Groom is their cake not being exactly what they wanted on the big day. However, this couple’s dilemma had them watching as their £450 cake tumbled to the floor…

Newlywed’s Aaron and Chloe Bailey were starting to cut their dream wedding cake as the worst happened.

The entire cake fell to the floor in slow motion as the couple watched in complete shock. 

They hadn’t just paid £450 for the cake, but they’d also paid £100 for it to be delivered to the venue – OUCH!

Credit: Alisa Roberts Photography

Bride Chloe told Metro: “What could we do? We just had to laugh it off. It was funny. We will remember that, definitely.

“We barely cut the cake at all. Literally as soon as the knife went into the cake we felt movement underneath it. I think we cut very slightly into it and it went immediately, pretty much.

“It was disbelief initially. We were both just gripping on to the edge of the table thinking ‘no – this can’t be happening’.” What a nightmare! 

Credit: Alisa Roberts Photography

The Bridesmaids and Best Man tried their best to reassemble the crushed cake.

The couple joked that even though the cake looked slightly different it still tasted delicious. 

The cakes tiers all had different, unusual flavours: Gin and Tonic, Bakewell Tart, Caramel and Salted Toffee!

Credit: Alisa Roberts Photography

We are all glad this mishap didn’t spoil the couple’s day as proven by the final picture of the pair laughing it off! 

Congratulations to Chloe and Aaron!






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