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This Brother and Sister shared their wedding day to save money

by Lucy Hope

Weddings are very expensive and with costs rising year after year, it’s no surprise couples want to save a few quid on their big day. Would you go as far as these siblings who married their partners on the same day to save money? Keeping reading to find out the details…

Siblings Andrea Walker and Christopher Brennan decided to share their ceremonies and wedding receptions and made savings of around £5000 per couple!

They managed to save a fortune and managed to have their big days at their dream wedding venue, Castle Hotel in Staffordshire. 

Both couples got married on August 25 with Andrea marrying partner, Matt Walker first and Christoper tying the knot with long-term girlfriend Adele half an hour later.

Credit: Tristan Potter/SWNS

Andrea told Metro: “Matt and I were looking at getting married at the same time as Christopher and Adele were also looking at places.

“I was chatting away to Christopher one day, moaning about the costs going up and then we just said, ‘why don’t we do it together?'”

The suggestion was made half-jokingly until Christopher realised it wouldn’t actually be such a bad idea since he and Adele were struggling to afford their own wedding. 

Credit: Tristan Potter/SWNS

The siblings’ dad told Metro: “It was just brilliant to have the weddings on the same day. 

“It’s not really that surprising because they are so close to each other and really love each other. They decided to help each other out with the cost.

“It’s really lovely that after sharing so much as kids, they’ll now share wedding anniversaries too.”

Aww – how sweet! Congratulations to the happy couples!

Credit: Tristan Potter/SWNS


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