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This Couple Planned Their Dream Wedding For £200!

by Lucy Hope

Imagine your dream wedding day, and now imagine how much it is likely to cost. Do you think it would fit a £200 budget? This couple’s dream wedding did and it was exactly how they wanted it! Read more to find out how they saved so much money on the big day…

Keeley and hubby Sebastian decided they didn’t want to be put into debt during their first year of marriage like so many couples are.

They decided to share their money-saving secrets with everyone so other couples can find out different ways to save on their big days too!

The couple saved a lot of money by spending £10 on the dress, having a friend volunteer to be their photographer and having their wedding cake donated to them. 

The Bride decided to drive herself to the registry office and only spent £10 on her wedding shoes! Amazing!

Credit: Mercury Press

Keeley told Metro: “We didn’t want anything big. I wanted a dress I’d feel comfortable in because I was six months pregnant at the time.

“I ordered a whole loads of dresses and it turned out to be the cheapest one from ASOS that I liked the most.

“If you can afford it and it’s your big dream wedding then do it, but I don’t encourage anyone to start the first year of their marriage in debt.” Sound advice!

Credit: Mercury Press

For their wedding reception. the Bride and Groom invited their 35 guests to a Carluccio’s restaurant for a meal.

The Groom wore his US Air force uniform and only £80 was spent on the ring which made the grand total of the ceremony £200!

Keeley even said that her anti-marriage sister, Charlene, had since been convinced to get married after realising it could be done cheaply!

Congratulations to Keeley and Sebastian!


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