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10 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

by Kloe Forster

So, you just got engaged? CONGRATULATIONS!

Here’s a list of the next 10 things you must do next…

10. Check If Your Engagement Ring is Insured


 If you’re lucky and you’ve got an other half who’s as sensible as mine, they will have already gotten the ring insured before they popped the question…

If not, just make sure you add it onto your house insurance, pronto!

9. Spread The Word


This might sound obvious, but you need to let your nearest and dearest know all about your happy news BEFORE you put anything on social media.

If you can’t see your family or friends at least try and give them a quick phone call, to keep them in the loop. I’m sure your Mum would much prefer to hear it straight from you than via Facebook…

8. Set a Date


 This is normally one of the first questions anyone will ask you after you announce your engagement… so be prepared.

We don’t mean rush straight into booking our venue or anything either… just a rough date to aim towards. Pick a month, season, or even just a year!

7. Consider Your Budget


Now’s the time to be really sensible.

The last thing you want is to start married life with a load of debt! Get real on what you can and can’t afford and make sure you have lots of spreadsheets to stay organised.

6. Agree a Rough Guest List


If you can work out a rough idea of the numbers of people you’re inviting it will really help you narrow down your venue choices and make sure you adhere to that budget!

5. Visit Venues

Via Giphy

This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Try not to let it get that way by doing your research before you go. If you can gain a good idea of venues online before you go it will definitely help you understand more about your restrictions and limitations.

4. Propose to Your Bridesmaids


You need your girls to help you with all of your planning!

If your bridesmaids know their duties from day one they’re guaranteed to be a great help in the run up to the BIG day!

3. Avoid Being a Bridezilla


There is literally no point in getting yourself worked up with your wedding planning!

Accept help when it’s offered and don’t lose sight of the reason you are getting married in the first place…

2. Get Organised


Buy yourself a wedding planner.

Create as many spreadsheets as you can think of – and get yourself on Pinterest!



This is the number one rule.

Make time for you and your other half. Have a date night, or a cosy night in!

Always listen to what each other wants on the big day and don’t forget the age old saying – “happy wife, happy life!”

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