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The Best Way To Deal With a Bridezilla!

by Kloe Forster

Believe it or not –  EVERYONE has got the potential to turn into a Bridezilla…

We have a feeling that it’s going to happen at least once in the lead up to the big day, and it’s usually the poor bridesmaids who have to take the brunt of it.

But fear not! Because we have a simple set of instructions on what you need to do to calm your Bridezilla down.

Here you go!

Step 1: Smile and Nod


This is foolproof. Honestly –  just smiiiiile and nod, she’ll calm down in no time at all…

Step 2: Listen


This is the best thing you can do, just sit there and listen – even if it is the 50th time you’ve heard her shout about the fact that the shade of table linens isn’t quite THE shade of cream she asked for…

Step 3: Just Go With The Flow


Look, if your Bridezilla wants to talk about the centrepieces for an hour, JUST TALK ABOUT THE CENTREPIECES for goodness sake!

Step 4: Distract Her


How about this one… Just as she’s halfway through a rant, that may be the best time to jiggle your keys in front of her face and ask her if she likes your new keyring… Worth a try, maybe!?

Step 5: Wine, Wine and More Wine


Wine will help with her whining – we’re certain of that!

And finally, just remember to BREATHE! You know she loves you really.

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