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Bridesmaids Gift Guide

by Lucy Hope

Your bridesmaids have been by your side throughout your ENTIRE wedding. From the planning to Bridezilla moments, they’ve helped you through it all. We think they deserve a little thank you gift for being so amazing. This guide has some of the best gifts you can get your Bridesmaids to say thanks for all their help…

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid Glass Flutes

By the end of the wedding, your Bridesmaids might need a little tipple. 

These personalised glass flutes are so gorgeous!

You can get the Maid of Honour Glass HERE

You can get the Bridesmaid Glass HERE

I Couldn’t Tie The Knot Without You Bracelet

This bracelet is something they can wear every day and always be reminded of your big day!

They are so sweet and you can choose from Rose Gold, Gold and Silver for the band colour!

You can get them HERE

Bridal Party Print

We LOVE this print and think it would make a lovely keepsake for your Bridesmaids!

The print can be personalised to look exactly like your Bridal Party!

You can get it HERE

Personalised Make-up Bag

This make-up bag would make a LOVELY gift for your Bridesmaids.

There are SO many colour options to choose from!

You can buy it HERE

Personalised Bridesmaid Mug

Every time your Bridesmaids have a brew, they can be reminded of how special they are to you!

We think the mug is SO pretty and will be greatly appreciated.

You can buy it HERE


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