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Wedding Dress Shopping: Dos and Don’ts

by Lucy Hope

It’s one of the most important decisions of your life…

We don’t want to scare you or anything, but most people don’t remember the wedding favours or the meal… One of the only things that people will remember is the dress.

That’s why it has to be perfect – you don’t want to look back at photos in the future and wish you had chosen a different dress.

When you know, you simply know, but we thought that we’d help you along the way by giving you a few tips to take in…


Figure out the silhouette that works best for you ?

Don’t get caught up in the trend of the moment, instead you should focus on your own personal style and what flatters you the most.


Take photos when wedding dress shopping ?

It’s a good idea to take photos when you’re in a dress; the camera doesn’t lie. You’ll be looking at photos of the dress for years to come, you should know how it looks on photos – from all angles!


Try on as many dresses as you need to ?

One dress can look stunning on a hanger but can look totally different when it’s on. You should try as many dresses on as you want.


Wear gorgeous underwear when you’re trying on dresses ??

You’re going to be spending quite a lot of time in your underwear when you’re trying dresses on, so it’s only natural that you should wear your pretty new underwear! You’ll feel much more positive when you look at yourself in the mirror wearing gorgeous underwear instead of the ratty old grey bra that you’ve had for years…


Ask questions while trying on wedding dresses ?

You should always ask yourself a few questions to make sure you absolutely love the dress; Do I feel beautiful, confident and comfortable? Can I sit down? Can I dance in it? If any of the answers to these questions are a ‘no’, you know that dress isn’t the right one for you.



Pick a dress just because it’s fashionable now ?

Don’t choose a wedding dress just because everyone else is getting the same style of dresses and it’s so fashionable now. A wedding dress should be timeless, and should have both modern and traditional elements to it. The perfect gown will be one that will never go out of style.


Try on too many wedding dresses ?

Although we said that you should try on as many dresses as you need to, don’t feel forced to try on more or fewer wedding dresses than you want. Often when you have too many choices they just lead to added stress and confusion.


Feel like you must bring an audience when you try on wedding dresses ?

Don’t feel pressure that you need to bring a large group of people, they may stress you out when you’re searching for your dress as there’ll be lots of opinions. It’s perfectly normal to go alone, as well as being stress free.


Forget that most wedding dresses are non-refundable ?

You need to make sure that you have chosen your favourite ever dress.

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