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Firstly, we want to wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year. A New Year means a new set of wedding trends and we have taken the time to find out about them all. From the wedding dress to the cake, we have it covered. Keep reading to find out more…

It’s the start of a new decade which could see a shift away from more traditional weddings to those that are more modern. 

Couples have been choosing to stray away from tradition to create their own adventures.

Let’s break down the 2020 wedding trends that you should consider for your big day…

Wedding Dresses

Whilst you’ll still be able to get hitched in a beautiful white gown should you choose to, there are a whole host of other options to choose from too.

Some brides won’t feel comfortable in a white dress and may go for something more colourful that suits their style and tastes more. 

There are more options to choose from than ever before from the big ball-gown to knitwear (it really is an option), you can express your individual style however you please. 

Bridesmaid Dresses

There’s no need to worry Bridesmaids, there will always be a place for you at any wedding as this is a tradition that lives on. 

However, the typical one dress for all Bridesmaids is a thing of the past. 

Brides are giving their Bridesmaids more freedom than ever to express their personalities through their dresses. 

Whether that means wearing separates or different colours, there’s an endless list of dress options to choose from for the Brides entourage. 

Wedding Rings

Traditionally, the men choose the engagement ring to surprise their other half with on the day of the proposal.

Well, it seems that tradition is now a thing of the past (for some couples at least!). 

Couples are now going out to jewellers to choose their engagement rings and wedding bands together. 

This trend is a real game-changer as it means the ring chosen is loved by both of you and symbolises the taste of the person receiving it as well as the one giving it. We love this!

As far as the ring goes, there’s been a rise in popularity for cushion-cut, hand-mind diamonds.

It’s predicted that there will be a rise in popularity for a yellow gold band, instead of platinum, and art deco pieces.

Hands-off Hair 

Spending hours getting your hair and makeup done for the big day could be a thing of the past.

Brides are now opting for fuss-free hairstyles that require limited work but still look gorgeous!

Meghan Markle’s undone bun is becoming a popular choice for brides.

For an even more relaxed hairdo, go for the freshly-washed and tousled tresses look. 

The Statement Veil

Gone are the days of the veil being nothing more than a wedding day accessory.

There’s now the option of creating a statement veil, like Hailey Biebers ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ veil, with a special message or song lyrics.

Whilst still a traditional piece, the veil is now being seen as more of an opportunity to create something personal and bold that can be passed down as an heirloom or displayed in their home as art. 

Wedding Flowers

With concerns for the wellbeing of our planet ever-growing, it makes sense that couples’ are starting to look for more ethical and eco-friendly flower choices. 

Look for a local eco-friendly wedding supplier and ask for their recommendations. 

The bouquet is likely to sit more naturally due to a reduction in floral foam usage. 

There’s also a higher demand for pale colour palettes this year which look so elegant.

Credit: Left Image – Photography: Gladys Jem Photography & Floral Design: Poppy’s Petalworks // Middle Image – Loft Photographie LLC & Floral Design: R Loves Flowers // Right Image – Photography: Emily Delamater Photography & Floral Design: Emily Herzig Floral Studio


The Wedding Cake

Traditional fruit cake for a wedding could be a thing of the past as couples are opting more for works of art with edible flowers to gin flavourings.

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing your perfect wedding cake – or cakes.

In November 2018, Mandy Moore served a whopping 12 cakes at her wedding. That’s A LOT of cake!

We are happy to see that the wedding cake is one tradition that no-one is getting rid of any time soon! 

Sustainable Weddings

Looking after our planet should be very important to us all – especially on our big days!

It’s time to ditch the plastic in favour of more eco-friendly materials. 

You don’t have to break your wedding budget to make your wedding day more sustainable.

The easiest ways to to make your wedding sustainable are finding a catering company who sources ethical, local and organic produce and using wedding stationery made from recycled paper.


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