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Beautiful Bridal Up-Dos!

by Kloe Forster

Are you wondering how to style your hair on the big day?

Well, we’ve put together some inspiration and some beautiful Bridal Up-Dos for you to feast your eyes on!

Braided Styles

braided up do

We love a good bridal braid! Whether it’s super neat or a little bit undone – they always look fabulous!

Braided styles look super stylish and they can be as edgy or as classic as you like.

Twisted Styles

twisted up do

Add a few twists to your up do for an extra soft feminine and pretty look.

We love the softer undone versions too – how classy?

Luxe Bridal Ponytails

bridal ponytails

Ponytails don’t always have to be boring – with a few added curls and tousled bits they can look absolutely stunning!

Bridal Chignons 

bridal chignons

Chignons are one of the classiest styles of all time – it’s a totally timeless style and the ultimate chic up do!

It’s so easy to pop a veil under or below a chignon too.

Modern French Pleats

french pleat

Traditional french pleats are really elegant – but we think these modern twists look even prettier!

Up Dos styled with Accessories

bridal hair vines

Hair vines are a gorgeous way to add to your bridal up-do – adding a little bit of extra glam and sophistication to your locks.

We love all of these styles, from braided to relaxed boho – there’s a perfect style to show off your hair accessory of choice.

We’ve found lots of gorgeous hair vines here.

Still looking for the right style? Don’t worry ladies – You can see loads more gorgeous bridal hairstyles here.

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