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7 Signs You’re Marrying ‘The One’…

by Kloe Forster

It goes without saying really that marriage is the ultimate, life long commitment of love… but how do you know you’re definitely marrying ‘the one’?

Well – here are 7 signs you’ve made the right choice!


7. You Trust Each Other


Trust is obviously a key aspect to any relationship – without trust a relationship will  struggle to survive.

We really hope that you’re in a secure and trusting partnership… but, if you don’t trust your partner – first of all ask yourself why not? You’re going to need to work through these issues before you tie the knot.

6. You Both want the same things out of life


You’ve discussed where you see both of your lives going in the future – including career aspirations, building a family and just generally what you want to get out of life… and you both have similar visions of your future.

Looks like you’re onto a winner here!

5. Your Other Half makes You a Better Person


If your other half brings out your best side and makes you feel loved/more complete as a person – then he or she is definitely a keeper!

4. Your Friends and Family get along with your Other Half


It’s always a great sign when your friends and family like your other half – and your partners family and friends like you too!

3. You Understand Each Other’s Flaws


No one’s perfect, we get it, and that’s ok!

What really matters is you understand each others flaws and you appreciate them.

2. You listen to Each Other


Listening and communicating properly is so important for a happy relationship!

If you and your other half listen to each other and communicate well, you’ll always be much happier together.

1. You ‘Just Know…’


Believe it or not, those gut feelings you get are normally pretty accurate!

It really is true what they say, you know when you know…

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