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Our Top Wedding Anniversary Etsy Gifts List

by Your Wedding Hub

We bet you can’t wait to reminisce with your other half about your big day every year! But did you know, that each anniversary has a significant gift associated with it? Well we’ve put together a list of each of the anniversaries and a few gift ideas to go with for your first 10 years together – take a look…

1st Anniversary – Paper

One year down, and hopefully many more to go! We think this First Year Scrapbook is a super cute idea!

Put all your treasured memories from your first year together in it and give it to your spouse. 

Priced at £12.99

2nd Anniversary – Cotton

Another year has flown over and this time your shopping for Cotton! How about this lovely cushion with your names and wedding year on? It may be an unusual choice but it follows the years theme!

Priced at £29 and it’s handmade!

3rd Anniversary – Leather

Three years down the line and we are on the hunt for a leather gift! Now, the obvious choices would be a leather jacket or bracelet… But what about this personalsied leather tray? Put your jewelry, car keys, loose change or whatever small items you like in it!

Priced at £20.50.

4th Anniversary – Fruit and Flowers

Now we know you could just buy an orange or a bunch of flowers for your spouse on this day. But it never hurts to think outide of the box! What about this gorgeous flower necklace? 

Priced at £18.50


5th Anniversary – Wood

Congratulations on making it to your 5th year together! We think this wooden ‘Our Adventures’ box is STUNNING! It’s a lovely place to store all those memories of travelling you’ve made together. 

Priced at £33.26

6th Anniversary – Sugar

As a couple you must be sweet as can be! We are going to get a little cheeky with this ‘Sugar Tits’ keyring. 

Priced at £6.99

7th Anniversary – Copper and Wool

OMG – this faux copper print is so beatiful and would a perfect 7th year anniversary gift!

Priced at £16.63

8th Anniversary – Bronze

Here’s something for all to enjoy using – a bronze ceramic beer mug! We LOVE the 8 in a heart engraving and think it’s an unusual but beautiful gift!


Priced at £31.60

9th Anniversary – Pottery or Willow

This INCREDIBLE pottery bowl will brighten up any room and is a fabulous 9th year anniversary gift. It also comes in a range of colours including Dark Blue, Teal and Olive Green. 

Priced at £54.05

10th Anniversary – Tin

A decade down forever to go! Why not get this keyring to symbolise your 10 year anniversary? We think it’s SUPER cute. 

Priced at £8.00

Which of these gifts would you give to your spouse? 

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