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Why Being a Bridesmaid is Actually a Full-time Job!

by Kloe Forster

Being a bridesmaid is hard work.

It’s going to take a lot of dedication – there’s the dress fittings, planning the hen party, helping out the bride with making anything and everything for the big day and not forgetting the most important job of all –  preventing any major bridezilla meltdowns…

So it might come as no surprise that according to a recent survey by Simply Be – being a bridesmaid actually equates to a Full-time job!

The data uncovered that the average bridesmaid now spends around 43 hours on wedding duties, which is actually more than a full-time working week!

And that’s not all – if this was an official job, dedicated bridesmaids could earn up to £326.90 a week based on the national average earnings of a wedding planner.

Here’s how it all works out:

being a bridesmaid data

The most time-consuming task of all is attending the wedding fairs – which took an average of 13 hours. But in all honesty, who’s complaining with all of the free stuff on offer at wedding fairs?! Frankly, we’d dedicate more time to free cake if we could…

Next up was planning and booking the Hen party – which takes an average of 10 hours, followed by wedding dress shopping (8 hours), bridesmaid dress fittings (7 hours) and attending hair and make up trials (5 hours).

What the data doesn’t include, though, is how much fun you’ll be having with your BFFs throughout all of these wedding activities! Making all of your hard work as a bridesmaid soooo worth it.

Honestly though, keeping the bride happy in the run up to her big day and seeing her smile when the day comes around is priceless.

So what do you think? Have your bridesmaids been pulling their weight when it comes to wedding duties? Or maybe you’ve got bridesmaids that have been working overtime? Let us know!

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