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Top Tips For Entertaining Children at Weddings

by Lucy Hope

Taking children to a wedding can sometimes be very stressful.

Even the thought can make people want to cry a little inside! And although we have no doubt that your little cherubs will be on their best behaviour, we thought we’d run through a few tips to make sure that they are…

Outdoor Games ⛹

If you’re going to a summer wedding especially, why not bring a few outdoor games? Nothing too fancy, but something like some skipping ropes, hula hoops or (pushing the boat out here) outdoor Jenga or Connect4!

Indoor Games 

What about a trusty jigsaw? Or even a card game such as Uno? Everyone loves Uno, you can’t go wrong there. Plus it will fit into your bag/clutch no bother.

Arts and Crafts 

Why not bring some colouring pages, word searches, crosswords or even spot the difference? These will no doubt keep them entertained, but be sure to bring some crayons or coloured pencils – just so you can avoid any mess to clothes or tableware.

No Mess Fun 

How can we forget the good old ‘I Spy’? That will definitely keep them entertained for a little while. Even a silent scavenger hunt – create a tick sheet of things to listen out for or observe during the wedding, examples could be what colour are the Bridesmaid dresses? What songs were sung? Etc…

Book Corner 

A good storybook can do no wrong in our eyes, and will no doubt keep them entertained – if only for a little while!

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