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This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend With A Puppy!

by Lucy Hope

If there’s two things we love here at Your Wedding Hub, it’s proposals and dogs! So when we came across this story we had to share it. 

Kadie Latimer, 28, thought she was posing for some local photographers at Montana’s Glacier National Park for a modelling shoot. 

However, her boyfriend, Joel Booth, 30, had a much bigger surprise in store. Sneaking behind her in a suit with a golden retriever puppy cradled in his arms, he was getting ready to pop the question. Adorable!

Kadie had no clue what Joel was up to until she took the puppy from Joel and read its name tag that had the all-important question inscribed on it. 

She said in an interview with Pretty52: “When I first turned around, I was very surprised to see him holding a golden retriever puppy – my first question was whose it was. 

“When he replied ‘This is our dog’ I didn’t believe him, especially with Joel being such a joker.”

She explained: “I asked if he got a dog, and he said that it was our new dog and then handed her over to me.

“I looked at her name tag and it said ‘Kadie’ and I initially thought he’d named the dog after me – but I looked closer and underneath it it said ‘will you marry me’?

“My first reaction was to ask if Joel was joking, but then he got down on one knee and I knew it was for real. Everything was overwhelming in the best possible way!”

After modelling for Jeremiah and Rachel photography in the past, Joel chose them to do this couples shoot to create a fake reason to take pictures. 

We LOVE everything about this proposal. The pictures are absolutely incredible and we want to congratulate the happy couple on their engagement! 

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