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OMG – this couple made a DIY crisp wall for their guests!

by Lucy Hope

This snack-loving couple made an amazing crisp wall for their guests to enjoy at their wedding reception!

Charlotte and Gavin Bell came up with this quirky idea before they tied the knot in December 2019.

The fabulous addition to their decorations only cost £75 to make!

It took less than two hours to build using timber and chicken wire.

Two-hundred bags of crisps were attached to it before the guests arrived at the reception.

Credit: Mercury Press

Charlotte told The Sun: “I’ve always been crisp-obsessed and everyone I know loves snacking, so the idea came about when Gavin’s sister suggested we should have a cart of crisps at the venue, instead of a candy cart.

“I wanted to put my own twist on it, so we put our heads together and had the idea to make a wall full of crisp packets for people to pick from.”

The main struggle was finding certain brands of crisps as they went for a retro crisps theme.

The crisp wall was a huge hit with the guests and everyone kept going back for more while they were dancing!

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