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Quirkiest Hen Party Themes

by Kloe Forster

Struggling to think of what sort of theme to have for your hen party?

WELL! We’ve put together a list of the quirkiest hen party themes for you to have a look at! You’re going to love them… the hardest part now is choosing which one.

Disney Princesses


This is such a fun theme – you and the rest of your girl squad get to dress up as your favourite Disney princesses! The only problem will be deciding who gets to be who… decisions, decisions.

The Great Gatsby


There’s just something about the 1920s ‘Gatsby Glam’ that is soooo popular these days! Maybe it’s the hedonistic attitude they had in those days which would be perfect for a hen party…

One thing is certain, though – ¬†flapper outfits are oh so gorgeous – fringed dresses, pearls and gorgeous headdresses – what’s not to love?!



Who could resist the chance to rock a Pink Ladies jacket and your best 50’s vintage dress? Grease is a classic film loved by everyone – so this theme is guaranteed to be a hit with the attendees.

80’s Rock Chicks


Jem was a bit of an icon back in the day, wasn’t she?! So why not take inspiration from her and dress in your best 80s rock chick outfit?

We’re picturing the scene already – spiky/colourful wigs, the most horrific plastic jewellery you can get your hands on, leotards, coloured mascara – and of course, an obligatory pair of leg warmers!

Miss World

If you love the movie Miss Congeniality this is one for you! Each of the girls in the group wear a classy dress and get to wear a sash representing their personality. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? But whatever you do, just don’t get the Bride to be a ‘Miss Bridezilla’ sash!!

Barbie – All Pink Everything


Let’s face it – we ALL had a Barbie doll growing up and she always had the best outfits known to man.

So we think it makes total sense to have a Barbie theme. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Barbie? We’re thinking pink, pink and pinker!

Mad Hatters Tea Party


A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party would be a wonderful theme for everyone!

We’re thinking cocktails served out of vintage teapots, dainty macarons and cute little cupcakes… you could even serve actual tea for the non-drinkers of the group and keep everyone happy. This theme has a lot of potential!

The Bride’s Favourite Movie/Book/Band/TV Show

If you’re planning the hen party as a complete surprise – why not have a think about what the bride loves and roll with that?

Maybe she’s a Sex and the City addict – you could serve cosmos all night long! Or perhaps, she’s completely obsessed with Harry Potter? Grab yourselves a wand and get whipping up a batch of butterbeer!

Whatever you do – we’re sure she’ll love the amount of thought you’re putting into it and it’ll go down a storm.

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