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A Bride-To-Be has been SHAMED for wearing Two Engagement Rings!

by Lucy Hope

Sometimes the Hubby-to-be really struggles to decide which engagement ring to get his Bride-To-Be.

When this lucky Bride-To-Be took to the internet to show off her two rings, she was shamed for wearing both at the same time.

Initially, her generous future Hubby had bought three different rings for her.

He’d originally proposed with an affordable sterling silver ring worth £7.83.

After a few months, he decided it was time to upgrade the ring to a fancier round halo diamond ring.

Credit: Facebook/That’s It. I’m Ring Shaming

He’d considered it for some time and then decided to get a rose-shaped ring so the Bride-to-be could then decide which one she liked the most.

In the end, she had no idea which one she liked the most and now wears both.

So, the Bride-to-be went to Facebook Group, ‘That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming’, and explained the story which then resulted in an abrupt turn of events.

Some members of the group commented that both of the rings were “ugly”. Yikes!

One person even said: “If you’re going to wear two engagement rings, at least make them both decent?”

Another person added: “If you can’t decide which one to wear, the correct answer is always neither!”

Oh my, we’ll stay away from all ring shaming groups forever!

What do you think? Which ring do you prefer?

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