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These Inseparable Love-Dogs have tied the knot!

by Lucy Hope

We’ve seen people have extravagant weddings many times before, but this is the first time we’ve seen dogs have one!

Dogs have always played a part in their owner’s weddings whether it’s as part of the bridal party or as a guest… but this time it was these loved-up pooches turn to have their own wedding!

Golden Retriever, Dotty and Black Retriever, Fiji got married in front of 50 guests at the Prince of Wales Pub in Somerset.

From the doggy dress to the specially-made cake, everything was dog-friendly.

Credit: SWNS

Pippa Hamilton, who officiated the ceremony, said: “My job is a celebrant and this idea of a dog wedding came up.

“I was hesitant to start with – in no way did I want to devalue what I do for couples.

“The dogs were slightly all over the place, but the bride looked lovely. It was a lovely thing to do.”

Credit: SWNS

Owner of Bespoke Dog Clothing Shop, Saville Row Hounds, Amanda Reed organised the event after the pooches won a competition to facilitate a doggy wedding in the marquee outside the pub.

Amanda said they’d chosen these dogs as the winners because they were “so beautiful” and have been “friends for a long time”.

Aww, we think all of this is actually super cute!

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