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Bridesmaid Dresses for LESS than £100!

by Lucy Hope

Bridesmaid dresses can cost a fortune, but they don’t need to!

We’ve found some of the best budget Bridesmaid dresses available to help you save some money.

Take a look…


TFNC has stunning dresses at affordable prices.

These are two of our favourites from the range!

The Grey/Blue dress is £55 and the pale mauve dress is £60.

Get the Grey/Blue Maxi Dress HERE*

Get the Pale Pauve Maxi Dress HERE*


Boohoo has the most budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses on this list.

The back on the navy dress is so stunning.

The stone maxi dress is ONLY £7 – bargain!

Get the Stone Maxi Dress HERE*

Get the Navy Midi Skater Dress HERE*


ASOS is always selling gorgeous, budget-friendly dresses!

We think these tulle dresses are beautiful.

Both dresses are priced at £68.

Get the One Shoulder Blue Tulle Maxi Dress HERE*

Get the Red Tulle Maxi Dress HERE*


These gorgeous dresses are in Coast’s 25% OFF sale.

They also have a deal where you buy two Bridesmaids dresses and get 10% OFF by using the code SAYYES.

The Blush dress is £89.25 and the Navy dress is £96.75.

Get the Blush Embroidered dress HERE*

Get the Navy Embroidered Dress HERE*

Dorothy Perkins*

These two dresses are so perfect for the Bridesmaids.

We love the floaty, loose material that’ll keep them cool in the warmer Spring/Summer months.

The blue maxi dress is £48.75 and the neutral maxi dress is £59.25.

Get the Blue Maxi Dress HERE*

Get the Neutral Maxi Dress HERE*


WOW – these Missguided bridesmaid dresses are stunning!

The lace detailing on the grey dress is super pretty.

Both dresses are £40.

Get the Grey Lace Dress HERE*

Get the Blush Low Back Bow Dress HERE*


How gorgeous are these two dresses from Quiz?!

They are simplistic, we love them!

The sage dress is £44.99 and the pink dress is £80.

Get the Sage Glitter Lace Maxi Dress HERE*

Get the Pink Embellished Maxi Dress HERE*

Little Mistress*

We can’t get over these beautiful dresses!

The embellishments on both are so stunning.

The mink embellished dress is £80 and the grey embellished floral dress is £90.

Get the Mink Embellished Dress HERE*

Get the Grey Embellished Floral Dress HERE*

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