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Wedding Invitation Trends 2020

by Lucy Hope

The wedding invitations are the first way guests get to find out the theme of your wedding.

From the material to the typography, they have to be perfect for you.

Take a look at this year’s gorgeous wedding invitation trends…

Vellum Paper

Credit: Feel Good Wedding Invitations, SecretCreation and Rodo Creative

If you’re unaware, vellum is a translucent paper that’s often used for place cards.

It can make an invitation look chic and sophisticated.

For the trendiest look, print your wedding invite straight onto the vellum – it looks amazing!

Get the Pearl Vellum Invitations HERE*

Get the Vellum Foil Invitations HERE*

Get the Eucalyptus Invitations HERE*

Minimalist Typography

Modern styles are taking over this year as couples are opting for more minimalist typography for their wedding invites.

Romantic, swooping calligraphy is taking a back-seat to this new, contemporary trend.

We think it looks smart and ultra-modern.

Get the Polka Dot Invitations HERE*

Get the Brickwork Invitations HERE*

Get the Campervan Invitations HERE*


Credit: JaneCustomGifts, MyPrintMan and SayItWithPrints

Acrylic invitations continue to be a popular choice in 2020 and it’s not hard to see why.

Leave the material clear for a sophisticated look or add embellishments to personalise them.

It’s a trend we love as acrylic invitations look beautiful.

Get the Floral Acrylic Wedding Invitation HERE*

Get the Geometric Acrylic Invitations HERE*

Get the Gold Acrylic Invitations HERE*

Marbled Paper

Marbled details have been popular in wedding decor and stationary for a few years, and they continue to be so in 2020.

It’s a versatile trend as you can customise the colours to match your own wedding theme.

The three pictured are so fancy and you can get them in a wide range of colours.

Get the Marbled Rose Invitations HERE*

Get the Marbre Rose Invitations HERE*

Get the Marbled Vert Invitations HERE*

Alternative Materials

Credit: SophieVictoriaJoy, ShineHoliday and BartecDesign

Thinking outside the box, opting for different materials for your wedding invitations is bang on-trend.

We’re all becoming more conscious of our impact on the planet so choosing an alternative material to paper or acrylic may be more suitable for some couples.

We are loving wooden wedding invitations that are perfectly suited to rustic themed weddings!

Get the Arrow Wooden Invitations HERE*

Get the ‘We Do’ Wooden Invitations HERE*

Get the Laser Cut Wooden Invitations HERE*

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