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Our Top Gifts for the Father of the Bride!

by Lucy Hope

Whether the Father of the Bride has helped financially towards the big day, or he’s just been supportive – he deserves a thank you too!

We think these gifts are perfect for him…

Wallet Insert

Credit: YoursBlissfully

This will make the sweetest little thank you gift.

He can keep it in his wallet and read it whenever he misses you!

Get it HERE*

Wedding Socks

Credit: GMGiftsShop

These socks are perfect for the Father of the Bride to wear as he walks his daughter down the aisle.

They are so cute and whenever he wears them, he’ll be reminded of that special day.

Get them HERE*

Personalised Cufflinks

Credit: SuesLatexCraftMolds

These personalised cufflinks are so lush!

He can wear them on the big day, and treasure them forever.

Get them HERE*

Wedding Print

Credit: PrettyPrintedCo

How gorgeous is this wedding print?!

Pop it in a frame and give it to him on the big day – he’s sure to a get a tad emotional!

Get it HERE*

Engraved Hip Flask

Credit: CVEngraving

Aww, the message on this hip flask is super cute.

He’ll be able to fill it with his favourite tipple which will go down a treat!

Get it HERE*

Personalised Handkerchief

Credit: Xanbiandmedesigns

Chances are, the father of the bride will be sobbing on the big day so he’ll definitely need one of these handkerchiefs.

We love that it can be personalised and we are sure he’ll love it!

Get it HERE*


Credit: TheTrinketBox12

If he doesn’t start welling up reading this message, we’ll be shocked!

It’s a small gift but one he can always have with him.

Get it HERE*

Personalised Mug

Credit: LittleOliveBranchCo

How lush is this personalised mug?

He’ll always need a mug to drink his cup of coffee out of!

Get it HERE*

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