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How To Write A Gift List

by Lucy Hope

If you’re panicking as you’re unsure on how to write a gift list, don’t worry…

Writing your wedding gift list can often be quite tricky, and this is mostly because most people don’t want to appear rude, maybe you don’t want your guests to feel obliged to buy you a gift.

But don’t fear, everyone knows you’re getting married because you love your partner and you aren’t doing it to simply get gifts. But to be on the safe side, it is quite important that you choose your wording carefully so guests don’t feel like they have to buy you a gift…


A good phrase to use could be; “It’s your presence, not your present that we want!” The thing is though, is that most people will want to get you a present anyway.

Below are some suggestions that you may want to use;

  • Please don’t feel obliged to give us a gift, all we want is to have a lovely wedding that we can share with you all.
  • As you may already know, we’re going on an amazing honeymoon which will give us lots of lovely memories to remember. We’ve included a honeymoon gift list showing some of the trips we’ve planned, so if you would like to cater towards this, it will be greatly obliged.

Asking For Money

It’s always the dreaded thing, isn’t it? Asking for money can always seem quite daunting, you don’t want to look as though you’re begging for charity. But to be quite honest, nobody will want to buy you something that you’ve already got. Imagine if you end up with 6 toasters and 10 kettles!

Couples living together will often have everything that they need at home anyway, and most wedding presents are usually household gifts, so asking the money is usually the only way to go.

The Money Will Go on…

Nine times out of ten, most people will want to be told how the couple intend to spend the money that they’ll receive. This isn’t because they’re nosey, they simply would like to know what contribution they are making to the newlyweds’ lives! It will be best to include a destination for the cash in the invitation, whether that be towards the honeymoon, a new car, savings etc.

It could be worded like this:

  • As we already have a lot of household items, we hope you won’t mind us asking for money instead of traditional wedding gifts. We’re planning to spend the money on…

When To Send The Gift List?

Including the gift list in with the wedding invitation is probably the most acceptable time to send it, this is mainly due to the fact it will save your guests time and effort of having to find out what gifts are needed or would be suitable for you. As well as this, it also takes quite a bit of stress off the guest, as they won’t be worried if they are getting you the right thing.

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