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5 Things You SHOULDN’T Say To A Bridesmaid!

by Lucy Hope

So, you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid and it’s a HUGE honour.

However, some people will still want to ask the most inane questions.

Here is a list of five things that shouldn’t be said to a bridesmaid…

Why are you not the maid of honour?

What we need to know is, why would you want to ask this anyway?

This could offend a bridesmaid as you’re saying that there’s someone the bride loves more and has picked for that role.

Please, take our advice and don’t ask this!

No one will be looking at you anyway…

The bridesmaids are perfectly aware that everyone cares more about the Bride than them on the big day.

That doesn’t mean they should abandon all efforts to get dolled up as, after all, it is expected of them.

Otherwise, there’d be no point in hiring hair and make-up and everyone would rock up in a pair of jeans!

Don’t worry, you’ll be next

It’s their closest friends wedding day, we doubt that’s the main thing they’re thinking of.

Let everyone enjoy the happy couple on their day without making unnecessary comments.

We guarantee it’ll ensure everyone’s happiness if these comments are left unsaid.

Here are your bridesmaid dresses, it’ll be £300 each!

Unless the bride is paying, the bridesmaids need to be involved in the dress buying process.

The bride can’t expect her bridesmaids to wear what she chooses if she isn’t paying, it’s unfair and could lead to unnecessary arguments and stress.

You need to take a look here at our top tips on bridesmaid dress shopping.

Are going to cover your tattoos/remove your piercings for the day?

Tattoos and piercings are someone’s way of expressing themselves.

The bride invited the bridesmaid knowing they had them and clearly had no problem with that.

It’s up to the individual whether not they’ll cover up tattoos or remove piercings.

If you’re a bridesmaid, remember to have the best day with your favourite couple.

They’ve asked to have you there because they love you – forget about what anyone else says!

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