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Binge-Worthy Wedding Reality TV Shows

by Lucy Hope

It’s officially time to watch all the wedding reality shows we’ve been missing!

There are some funny, romantic, and frankly, cringy wedding shows worth binge-watching at the moment.

Find out more about them here…

Cheapest Weddings

It looks like this one is jam-packed with drama!

Follow six couples on their wedding planning journey’s as they struggle with tiny budgets and many challenges.

We can’t wait to grab some popcorn and watch as the drama unfolds.

Credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind

It’s almost impossible if you haven’t heard of this one by now.

The premise of the show is to see if dating without seeing each other could lead to long-term relationships.

All the singles spend hours each day talking to each other through walls of ‘pods’ and when they are ready, they propose to the person they feel they are most compatible with.

It’s a cringy drama-fest and we LOVE it!

credit: Netflix

Extreme Engagement

Watch as this Australian couple put their relationship to the test by travelling to some of the worlds toughest places.

Their engagement is on the line as they travel to so many incredible locations to see how different people treat the institution of marriage.

It looks sooo good – we can’t wait to watch it!

Credit: Netflix

Wedding Season

Brides-to-be consult with the beauty, fashion and nutrition experts to prepare for their big days!

There are some interesting tips and tricks in this show that might even help you with your wedding planning.

Watch this one on Amazon Prime*.

Battle of the Brides

Two brides go head-to-head to win a £250,000 wedding, under one condition – they have to agree on every aspect of their big day.

If they don’t then they have to forfeit and their chances of a huge, lavish wedding disappear.

The brides haven’t got much in common so they clash many times along the way.

Watch it HERE*

Cake Walk

Think of your favourite baking show and mix it with weddings and you’ve got Calk Walk.

We LOVE a good cake making show, this one is brilliant!

Some of the designs they come up with are incredible.

Watch it HERE*

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